Friday, September 20, 2013

WIP: Winter White Miralda

IMGP9865 IMGP9867

The other day, I forgot one of my WIPs - I started it a few months ago and dropped it for plain socks!  It's my sixth(ish) Miralda's Triangular Shawl, and probably the most classic of all of them.  My personal Miraldas are pink or purple, and the others I've knit have been silver and turquoise.  For some reason I was really drawn to the idea of doing Miralda in a color more traditional to Estonian lace, although I'm using alpaca, so it's still not entirely traditional!


Every time I revisit this pattern, I remember why I love it.  There is both practicality and elegance in this design - knit in CEY MountainTop Vail fingering weight alpaca, it will be cozy and warm, but the same pattern could be breathtakingly light and ethereal executed in laceweight silk.  (My next Miralda, perhaps?)


Now that I have brain cells again, I have been working on her some nights, usually while watching Game of Thrones or contemporary Dr. Who.  I'm almost finished with the nupp section, which is the most difficult of the shawl.  I'll admit it's been a little tricky with a bounce-free fiber like alpaca, but absolutely wonderful watching the pattern come to life in such a snowy, soft yarn.

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