Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Not-Quite-an-FO: Taygete

IMGP9877 IMGP9874

Remember how I said that Taygete was just about done, only waiting for blocking?  Well.  I soaked her, and started pinning her out, and was so excited to have another finished object... and disaster struck.

IMGP9881 IMGP9882

See that little orange marker?  What it's marking is a sneaky, dumb, excessively long picot, which I discovered while threading my blocking wires through the edging.  And, since it was soaking wet at the time, I had to wait until it dried before I could do anything.  (I fretted a lot about it over the weekend.)

Apparently what happened is: while binding off for hours straight, I cast on two stitches and bound them off for the picot, looked away for a second... and did it again before continuing on the way I was supposed to.  And of course, it happened somewhere along the picked up stitches from the lace pattern, which is over halfway back on the bind off row.

And since I can't bear the idea of leaving it, I am going to tink all the way back and re-bind off.  The bind off that took three hours?  Yep, I'll be repeating about half of that, not to mention the time it takes to rip out a blocked edging and wash the yarn to get the kinks out.

Sigh.  The things I do for art.

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