Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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For the past month or so, I've been thinking that my head has gotten a little too shaggy for my liking, but wasn't sure what kind of haircut I wanted.  And although I love many things about vintage style, most vintage hair is way too involved for a girl who doesn't even own a hair dryer.  It's been weird, needing haircuts, too - when my hair was long, I sometimes only got it cut once a year, and if I went too long between cuts, it didn't matter because my hair was always up in a bun anyhow!  So after weeks of puzzling, one day last week I woke up and realized that I wanted a cut that was long in front and pretty short in back - just a little modern, and super easy to wash-'n-go.

So today, kind of on a whim, I walked up the street and got my hair cut at our local Rudy's Barbershop.  I was pretty specific about what I wanted, and it turned out just right!

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