Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FO: Ptarmigan

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I finished this cowl over a year ago, right after we moved to our first apartment in Seattle, so it's kind of ridiculous that it took that much longer for me to give it a quick soak and lay it out to dry.  I had some trouble when I first cast on: I usually go up a needle size for Jared Flood patterns, so I did, which resulted in me hating every second of knitting a cashmere/silk blend.  (I didn't think this was possible.)

I ended up ripping out and re-casting on with the given needle size, which played much nicer and gave me the lovely knitting experience I was expecting.  Then, when I was binding off, I used the bind-off given in the pattern and didn't like it.  I had already cut the yarn, but it ended up being too short, so I had to join during the bind-off with less than half a yard of yarn, which made me mad, so the cowl went into a pile for a year.  Sigh.

I pulled it out a month or so ago and realized it was a perfectly good cowl out of gorgeous yarn, blocked it, wove in the ends, and voila! - it's amazing.  The moral of the story is: I am silly sometimes, and cashmere is great always.  The end!

Ravelry Page: Ptarmigan
Pattern: Ptarmigan by Jared Flood
Yarn: Handmaiden Cashmere and Silk, colorway Cedar, 1 skein
Yardage: ~185 yards
Needles: Size 7 US 16" Addi Turbo Lace

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