Monday, October 7, 2013

FO: Wildflower Baktus

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Next up in the FO parade: my Wildflower Baktus, which has a slightly less disgraceful track record in the time-between-finishing-and-blocking category than some of my other projects.  I knit it in three or four days back in late June/early July, and then it sat for a while, but now it's done - and just in time for cooler weather!  I originally knit a Lacy Baktus out of Manos Serena for my local yarn shop back in Oberlin, and when I was visiting for my friend's wedding, I got enough to make one for me.  It's a relatively narrow, long shawl, and I love the shape - it gives enough length to wrap around your neck and stay on, with the wider portion of the shawl falling attractively right below the chin.

Semi-related - I've determined in the last few months that the clothes in my closet falls into two distinct categories: super adorable vintage, usually relatively fitted garments; and jeans and t-shirts for days when even the idea of pants seem like a chore.  The camisoles (I'm wearing one above) and jersey top I made for the show have filled some of the crossover void between the two, but I still need to work on finding or creating clothes that are comfortable but also fit my style.  I realized that although this scarf doesn't go super well with my current vintage wardrobe, it would go well with cute, simple-but-still-designed t-shirts.  So, given the amount of jersey in my fabric stash, maybe I should get on that!

Ravelry Page:  Wildflower Baktus
Pattern:  Lacy Baktus by Terhi Montonen
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Serena, colorway Wildflowers, 2 skeins
Yardage: ~340 yards
Needles: Size 4 US Addi Turbo Lace

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