Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yarn Love: Wedding Handspun

Warning: Wedding talk ahoy! If weddings aren't your jam, feel free to stop here!


Having just received our gorgeous wedding photos - which I'll do a post about soon - I was inspired to write a little bit about this handspun I received as a gift from our friend Jennifer, who also made the handspun ring pillow.  It's a 2-ply, 50/50 merino/tencel laceweight in the most beautiful coral color, which also matched one of the colors in my dress and my bridal party's dresses and ties.  I see handspun laceweight so rarely, much less handspun laceweight made especially for me by a friend to celebrate a special occasion, so this is a very special gift!

It hasn't decided yet what it wants to be, but I know it will become an heirloom of some sort - a shawl or scarf, most likely.  Evelyn Clark patterns seem particularly suited to showing off unique yarns, so I might look through her library.  I've actually been thinking of knitting another Swallowtail Shawl out of this - here's my others, Swallowtail 1 & Swallowtail 2, which I loved knitting and wear often - so that pattern is a strong contender.

Whatever it becomes, it will always remind me of Jennifer, the time we spent with friends the week before I graduated from Oberlin, and the wedding.  A lot of great memories and love wrapped up in one very pretty skein of yarn.

Thank you, Jennifer!

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