Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Knits

So, as is customary, here's my year-end roundup of knits for 2014. I have a few more that are finished, but not blocked or photographed, so I'll have to get crackin' on that in the new year!

So how'd I do?


1 blankie, for baby friend Hayden

miralda3 - Version 2 leafandnupp4 taygete baktus neckblanket7

5 shawls & wraps

coral tartcowl
saltcreekcowl20 saltcreekcowl7 - Version 3 saltcreekcowl2
terra terra9

7 cowls

plaited3 weltedmitts2

2 pairs of mitts

krista2 ohzelda5

2 blouses

grocks3 wavingsocks6 plumeriaFO3

3 pairs of socks

gifthat - Version 2 quincy3 saltcreekhat3pipfo pipette4 talusFO6

6 hats

That's a total of 26 projects - a huge improvement over last year's 12 - including several finished long-term WIPs.

That's 10,348 yards, or 1.96 miles - oops, math error, it's actually a much bigger, nicer 5.88 miles! - 55 skeins of yarn in total.

Hopefully I continue this trend in the new year!


Tahnee said...

That is such an impressive collection of FOs! And each and every one of them is beautiful, you can be really proud of yourself.

primdollie said...

I am so glad I found you wonderful blog!! I love to see what you are working on and all the beautiful creations you make and design! I used to love to see what you were creating when I managed to sneak into Smith's in Oberlin!! I'm still knitting up fingerless mitts and cowls and a few mittens and hats too but nothing big yet!! maybe when I can retire!!?? who knows when that will be though, so having fun with the little stuff thru the winter months at least that keeps me busy!! thnx for all the inspiration!! Have a wonderful New Year!!!

Kat Riddell said...

Well done! These are all so beautiful-I love seeing all your projects :)