Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIP: Sekku Loop

sekku sekku2

This skein of Sekku, a discontinued cotton blend laceweight from Noro, has been sitting in my stash for about five years - one of my many treasured skeins from my college LYS, Smith's. Over two years ago (yikes) I decided to knit it up into a Multnomah shawl, but I found myself really frustrated with the yarn. I found a knot that significantly shifted the color changes, dropped the project for over a year, and finally took a hard look at it and decided that such a lovely pattern would be better suited to a less needy yarn. So I ripped it out, and gave it a quick steam, and forgot about it.

I was cleaning my studio last week and rediscovered the yarn, wound into a cute little ball, and decided to give it another chance. When I touched it, I immediately knew that it didn't want to be knit - it wanted to be crocheted! I thought an open, lacy crochet stitch would showcase the rustic hand and long, subtle color transitions of the yarn, and a cowl would be a great accent piece for all those beautiful colors.

And I was right! I used the same pattern as my Tart Loop - a free pattern from Bad Woman Yarns in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle - because I wear it almost constantly. This project has gone blazingly fast, and I've been feeling a newly rekindled love for Noro - the unusual yet perfectly balanced color changes, the gentle thick-thin character of the yarn, the delicate yet tangible weight of the finished fabric.

It's funny how sometimes projects have to percolate for a while in my brain, and it's really nice to have one of them come to life so quickly - and so successfully.

Happy Wednesday!

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