Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year; New Focus

I'm a constant list-maker and dreamer of harebrained dreams, so I really like thinking about New Year's intentions. (Live every day like it's New Year's, yeahhhhh!) I also think that part of the magic of creativity is in the moment, so instead of listing specific things I'm going to make and do, I've been thinking about some general things I'd like to explore this year.


Focus on sweaters, knitting from sweater stash in particular.

I finished two garments in 2014, both of which I ended up very happy with - and both of which I modified heavily. Sweaters are a category of knitting in which I'm not 100% confident in my skills, mostly because of lack of practice, and I'd like to change that. The best way to learn is to jump in, so that's my plan!


Continue to focus on clearing out deep stash; reconnect with its beauty and purpose instead of seeing it as a burden. And if it truly is a burden, get rid of it.

I have a lot of beautiful yarn. It's pretty cool to be able to pull out almost any color of yarn I want to play with, or to wander upstairs at midnight and start a new project. At the same time, it's time to clear out old yarn and the ideas & plans attached to it, which takes up its own kind of space.

jacketprogress2 talus

Continue to focus on thoughtfully designed and constructed garments.

There is nothing more satisfying than designing something, and bringing it to life almost exactly as you imagined it. I have a lot of ideas that have been shelved for a while, and this year I want to make room for them. Before, I always had school in the back of my mind, but now that I've graduated, I have the freedom to explore these ideas.

I also think that in the last year, I've come to a new understanding and appreciation of my design aesthetic. Although it's continually growing, shaped by new influences and ideas, I feel much more confident in describing its core: clean and graphic, with thoughtful details. I hope to keep that in mind as I move forward in my work.


Focus on connecting with others in ways that feel meaningful, and finding a balance between new adventures and intentional down time.

One of the challenges of working in such a vibrant, community-based industry is that sometimes I have to put pressure on myself to Be More Social. As seems to be common with creative folks, I have a medium-wide streak of introversion and social anxiety - but as I learned from my ballgown experience, being social is actually really awesome for my creative process (as well as my interpersonal relationships.)

I draw a ton of inspiration from reading blogs, going on trips, and even just sitting around chatting with friends and acquaintances, and I love hearing what kinds of things people are passionate about. So even though sometimes the thought of a party with tons of people and loud noises doesn't sound very appealing, I almost never regret going. At the same time, relaxed alone time is important too.

So my hope is that this year, I can expand my horizons a bit more socially, while still honoring the fact that I like having dance parties alone in my house while eating cake, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Happy Monday, and Happy New Year!

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