Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pattern Release: Talus

Talus Hat (Release Front)

Of all of the designs I've done so far, Talus has been one of my favorites. Trees have been a recurring motif throughout my life: fir, maple, and apple trees shaded my childhood home; I hid in the brush of cedars as a homeschooling teenager at wilderness school; I went for long solitary walks under snowy canopies in the Cascade foothills while on medical leave from my first year of college.

For me, trees have long been not only a symbol of familiarity; but also of strength, and beauty, and insight. Upon putting on my first pair of glasses at age nine, I saw the branches of a Japanese maple come into focus out of my optometrist's window and exclaimed, "But Mom, there are two trees!" - as if by seeing them clearly for the first time, I had uncovered something true about the world as well.

And so, the little trees of Talus capture a bit of that moment for me. I hope they do for you too.

talusshoot Talus Hat (Release Back)

The pattern is available for download for $5.00, or you can check out the details on Ravelry on the Talus pattern page.
As usual, a huge thank you to my wonderful test-knitters, who make me a better designer and pattern writer every day. <3

Happy Wednesday!


Kat Riddell said...

Yay! I love this hat-I can't wait to find the right yarn for it :)

Turbo said...

Great job, so adorable!