Friday, March 20, 2015

WIP: Ondrea Prototype

ondreawip2 ondreawip5ondreawip ondreawip3

After almost two years of sitting around waiting to be finished, this cardigan is finally on its way again. I knit the second sleeve last week, and this week I crocheted the button band on using math, a crochet hook waaaaay too small to be pleasant, and a fair bit of determination. Since this was a design that I created for my senior fashion show in 2013 - and thus, never meant to be a written-up pattern - I took incredibly crappy notes, which I promptly lost. Because of it, this last bit of work has been pretty much improvised.

It's been a slog, but I think it's worth it: I'm super happy with the way it's turning out. Louet Gems Sport, while a total pain to work with, settles into a heavy, luxurious fabric after blocking; the crochet button band, which made my left index finger cramp and put an indent in the palm of my right hand from working it so frigging tight, is firm and stable and precise. The fit is exactly what I wanted, and I think this sweater will get a fair bit of wear once it's finished.

Now all that's left is to finish setting in the second sleeve, weave in a million ends, give the button band a spritz-blocking, and attach the buttons.

Think I can do it by Sunday? Who knows, but I'm gonna try.

Happy Friday!


Hannah said...

This is really beautiful! and I'm in awe of your button band. Great work (:

Kat Riddell said...

I believe in you! I love this sweater so much-it feels like something I might see in an updated version of Miss Marple or something :) And those buttons are pretty much perfect!

oklyous said...

Oh it looks really pretty, and adore the button band.
I sure wouldn't mind having such a cardigan in my collection:)

Tahnee said...

This look so great. I love the crochet button band, it gives it a great finish! Good luck trying to finish it tomorrow.

Unknown said...

The mix of cables and lace is stunning!