Sunday, November 15, 2009

FO: Zetorina

Zetorina has been done for a while, but it's taken me a while to get pictures due to one simple fact:

she is gorgeous and pink and frilly, but she is also freakin' huge. That being so, I have absolutely no idea how to wear her.

Scarf-style? Her points are super long and tend to get in my coffee/stuck under the strap of my bag. But currently it's a little too cold to wear her alone. I'm thinking that she'll get more wear in the spring, when I can wear her as a light cover-up over a sundress. Until then, she might get worn as an extremely voluminous scarf.

Pattern: Zetor Scarf, by Jatta Sauko
Yarn: The Alpaca Yarn Company Suri Elegance, color Rosebud
Yardage: almost all of an 875-yard skein
Modifications: I added a bunch of repeats, but then I got a little nervous about how much I was going to have left, so I skimped on edging repeats. The edges are pretty curly, so in hindsight I would skip a repeat to make a nice, full edge.

Also, this photoshoot happened to produce the most hipster-y photo of me ever.

Seriously. Stick a clove cigarette and a pretentious music reference in there and I'd be set.


bdraeger said...

It is a hipstery picture, but with the subtle effect of "... oh HEY! Look at that lace!"

Cory Ellen said...

True. Also, hipsters don't wear lace. Unless it's meta or ironic.