Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stash Appreciation Wednesday: Casbah Edition

This week's stash appreciation is directed towards this beautiful little skein of Handmaiden Casbah, a nylon/merino/cashmere blend. I got this at River Colors, a great yarn store in Lakewood, Ohio, while on a yarn adventure with a couple of friends from Smith's in Oberlin. I saw this skein hiding below a shelf full of Smooshy and was totally taken by the color. When I was little, my best friend's mom had these amazing cobalt blue glass cups, and ever since then I love that deep, electric blue.

The only thing that makes absolutely no sense about this yarn (besides how mind-blowingly awesome it is) is the name:

Periwinkle. When I think Periwinkle, I think delicate and non-eye punching. This skein definitely has its boxing gloves on.

Anyhow, this yarn is so, so soft and the color so incredible that I almost don't want to make it into socks just to have them wear out. Anybody have project suggestions for a single skein of Casbah?

Also as a quick little note, I maybe knew in the back of my brain that Addi Turbos and Addi Lace have differing mm measurements of US size 1s... but apparently not well enough. In Chicago, I picked up a set of Addi Lace needles to finish the silk shirt I cast on in June, but stalled out on because of the blunt regular Addis I was using. I had knit about 5 rows and thought I was just rowing out really bad, and then I looked at the marking on the cable. Duuuuuh. Below is where I'm picking up the row where I last used the real US 1.

Addi, I love you, but we need to talk.

It always amazes me how different my gauge is for 2.25 mm versus 2.50 mm. Seriously. Knitting is an exact science.

But you all knew that already.

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