Friday, November 20, 2009

sort of a bad week

Yesterday the curmudgeon and I decided to break up for a while. It was mutual and will probably be good for us in the end, but for now it sucks. We've been together for two years.

In other ways, today was good - I had some bonding time with my housemates and friends, I went to the gym and ran some serious uphill on the elliptical, got my homework done, and did not cry in public*. Overall, though, I am terribly sad about losing the best partner in crime I've ever had.

Times like these it's nice to be wrapped up in woolies. The weather has just turned cold, and that along with my current slightly ragged state has made appreciate warm things a little more. This morning I dragged out a Malabrigo scarf I made about two years ago. It's not perfect - it rolls, and it's a little too long - but the color is spectacular and it's warm as hell. It was perfect for today.

*bonus points to anyone who gets the Radiohead reference. Because nerdiness must be cultivated and maintained at all times.


Michele said...

I just went through a similar situation myself-- I just went through a break up w/ my bf of 4 yrs. He moved out a few weeks ago. It felt heart shattering at the time but slowly I'm getting back on my feet and so will you. You will cry and you will be sad but that just means that your human and have a good heart. Chin up, lady.
P.S. I <3 that electric blue hue you're working w/. Gorgeous!

Cory Ellen said...

Thank you so much. I'm sorry to hear about your break up. Four years is a long time, that must be really rough. It's funny that even if it's the right thing for both of you, it's just awful. Just have to remember that everything will be better in time.

Ondrea said...

I am sorry I did not catch this earlier. Hugs 'n love 'n knits.

Emily said...

I'm sorry Cory. Wishing you lots of yarn and fuzziness. And keep in mind that while the pint of Ben and Jerry's may be cliche, it's so for good reason. It's perfect for times such as these. Just saying.

Cory Ellen said...

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes. Emily, a pint of Ben & Jerry's might just be on my to-do list tonight.