Saturday, November 28, 2009

winter has descended

Yesterday I went for a long run to the arboretum, then grabbed some lunch at the local bar, which also functions as the best burger and sandwich place around. It was really cold in the afternoon, and it had snowed in the early morning, but it was nice for running in. I was wearing a thermal shirt, a polar fleece vest, and yoga pants, which was great while I was in motion, but by the time I started walking home I was completely frozen. So, how better to combat the cold than by taking a hot shower, then putting on a cotton dress with tights, wool long underwear, a spring sweater, and a shawl as layers? Um. Well, pants might have been a good idea instead. I'm afraid it's hard to let go of the dresses for the season, but unfortunately, I think it might be time to let go of the delusion and drag out the real winter layers.

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