Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Work in progress: Egyptian sash

How terrifying - exhilarating, even - to have nothing but some zig-zags between you and cold, hard, silky death.

I knit the first part of this project over fall break. It's part of my private reading in historically inspired knitted design, and although I haven't hit any serious roadblocks so far, at this point I'm holding my breath with every stitch I knit.

Chart? Hand-copied on borrowed graph paper. Math? Totally fudged and yet somehow perfect. Mitered corners? Improvised. Sewn steek? Improvised, with the help of a terrific quilter and knitter from the Ginko Gallery. Knitting mojo? Please, gods of silk, Addi turbos, and insanity: let me have a full tank of the stuff.


William C Bevan said...

good old next blog button lands me in good places!

nice scarf.


Cory Ellen said...

Thank you! It's fun to browse random blogs, eh?

Ondrea said...

that is breaktaking.

Emily said...

This looks like a really neat project.

Also, what kind of camera do you have? I'm looking to replace my old one with one that does better with close-up and low-light pictures.

Cory Ellen said...

Thanks, Emily and Talons!

Emily: my camera is a Canon Powershot A700. It's about 4 years old, so there are plenty of new models, but I'd definitely recommend the Powershot line. My little camera taught me everything I know about macro settings.