Monday, June 28, 2010

Epic vintage haul: Part I

This morning, I went to trade in my rental car and get a ride from a knitting buddy, who is being incredibly gracious in letting me borrow her car until August so that I can make the commute to Cleveland. She also happens to be an avid thrifter, so after dropping the rental off, we went on a whirlwind vintage/thrift tour of Elyria. I picked up quite a few things for not very much money, and I spent the most on two pieces that are beautiful dresses from the 50s or 60s - both of which fit perfectly and are only obviously handmade from the hand-stitching and seams. The first is this white lace number, bought at a great little boutique called New To You. It's hard to see, but it has a pink lining and a crinoline and fits like a dream. I can see it being a classic wedding dress with the right accessories - not that I need to worry about that anytime soon.

They had a lot of newer thrifted items as well as a fabulous collection of vintage garments. It was generally a little pricier than the other two places we went today, but the quality was very good. I passed up a super cute Rosie the Riveter-style dress from the 40s - polka-dotted denim (maybe chambray?) with puffed sleeves and a pleated skirt. It was very nearly a museum piece, and even though it didn't fit, I was tempted to take it home, give it a wash, and properly store it for posterity.

I'm not going in any particular order of buying, but this is another cute one I found today. It was $4.99 at Salvation Army in Elyria. I've been wearing it all day, and it's super flattering if a little bit shorter than I usually wear. The weather has been terribly hot and humid lately - even though I think it only got up to 85 F today, it felt much hotter. The dress went on a ride to Crocker Park for martinis and curry and held up great the whole time. It's sort of hard to see, but it's a red gingham, not-quite seersucker fabric. I love the details at the neckline!

Also: due to cosmicpluto's awesome shoes posted occasionally on her blog, I have a serious crush on Fluevogs. This pair in particular. Sumatra:

And, ok, maybe this pair too; Mitte:

And yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe this pair too; Cana:

Shoe love siiiiigh.

Shoe photographs copyright Fluevog website.


primdollie said...

too cute!! what a fun time! hoping to talk K into taking me too but sadly won't fit into anything that cute!! hehehe!! enjoy and hope you like this cooler weather!! xo Linda

Cory Ellen said...

I'm loving the cooler weather! Thrifting is so fun... such surprises in store.
Thanks for commenting!

alisa said...

I actually think the length of the pink dress is really flattering. :)

Cory Ellen said...

Thanks Alisa! I've been wearing it quite a bit - it's pretty much the perfect hot-weather dress.