Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sweet dreams, Lilac!

Poor Crown Prince. He has been ignored - nay; cast asunder! - in favor of this pretty little slip of a thing. Their fiber content is similar: the Prince is 50/50 wool-silk, where Lilac is 70/30 alpaca-silk, and both are pretty in their own right. But Lilac, after the edging, is comprised of nothing but lace and purl rows. No nupps. Barely chart-worthy lace. Oh my dear Prince, I shall return to you soon. But the siren call of simplicity and soft lavender yarn is too much to bear! In time, I will yearn for a challenge, and we shall be together again.

Until that day comes, Lilac and I will be in my bedroom watching Glee and flirting shamelessly.

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