Monday, June 21, 2010

Hemming and... socking?

Today I sorta went on a getting-things-done spree. First on the list? Sewing the hem of a vintage Pendleton wool skirt I got a few years ago that was probably four or five inches above the knee. It's a beautiful fabric, but with the high waist the proportions were all off and I just never wore it. About two years ago, I was looking at it and realized that there was a huge turned-under hem underneath; probably some teenager wanted a sexier skirt length and got it hemmed accordingly. Luckily, the bias tape was still on it and everything! So, I let down the hem, pinned it, and sewed a floating hem.

It still needs a good ironing - I'm going to baste the pleats closed to get a crisp line, and I'll steam that baby until she's crisp and skirty!

I've also been making good progress on my Traveler's Stockings. They fit super well, and the fabric is dreamy on the feet.

Speaking of dreamy, I've been bad lately:

Ella Rae, Madeline Tosh Sock in Robin's Egg, and the discontinued Panda Wool in colorway Circus, for some plain stockinette socks - maybe with a cute little picot edge. My stash is currently in a storage locker, so I've been seriously jonesing for sock yarn. And now my wallet is telling me to stop.

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