Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Epic vintage haul: Part II

Yesterday, at our first stop at the Elyria Goodwill, I got a couple of really great pieces. Two little black dresses - one lacy party dress and one long, v-neck sheath.

The first is by Jeffrey and Dara, which I've never heard of but apparently makes formal wear. I love the shape of this one - the always-excellent nipped in waist and swishy skirt. It's strapless, so I'm actually pretty surprised that it fit - chestier girls like me don't do well in strapless anything.

The second one is perhaps a touch less young, more Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. But really, a classic shape. This one is by I.N. Studio, and it's hard to see but it has piping at the neck and right below the bust - a nice touch on a very basic shape.

I'm definitely feeling the sheath dress love lately.

Also thrifted were the white gloves, which actually fit me - a first! I think they're Anne Klein. Pretty comfy. Very dramatic. For $2, pretty awesome.

Taking photos for this was fun - I definitely got some weird looks from the electric company trucks as they drove past our house!


Michele said...

love, love, love them! Great finds!

primdollie said...

I can see you had way too much fun dear!! you look absolutely lovely in the dresses (hate you!!!) enjoy your great finds!! :)) Hugs Linda

Cory Ellen said...

@Michele: Hee hee, thanks!

@primdollie: Indeed! I was so happy that entire day because of the wonderful things I found. Hope to see you around town again soon... I hear talk of setting up a tatting workshop if you're interested!