Monday, June 7, 2010

Oodles of lace

The weather in Oberlin has been absolutely perfect lately. The mornings are sunny but it rains in the afternoons, turning the entire world this deep, grassy green. I spent the morning blocking a lace project that's been done for over a month - pictures to follow - and went to town to take care of printing and sending off some paperwork to Kansai Gaidai, then to the yarn store and off to read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle at Slow Train. I wasn't really into it for the first fifty pages or so, but all of sudden I got caught up in it; it's a strange book, almost dream-like, but not even the more obtuse elements of the plot are without meaning. I'm realizing how much I miss reading during the year, although I do think that school has taught me to read with more intention.

And oh, glorious summer! How you have allowed me the opportunity for this photo to occur:

Three lace patterns. Three different yarns. Hundreds of hours of joy.

The turquoise is another cashmere scarf in the same pattern I used before; the lavender is lilac leaf, the grey is my pretty boy Crown Prince.

Good coffee, good yarn, and a good book; what else could a girl need?

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