Thursday, February 23, 2012

FO: Derek's Scarf

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I don't even remember how long I've had this scarf in the works... I guess not too long, maybe a month, but scarves always feel like they take forever to knit.  I swear, even if I knit a scarf in two days I would emerge from the experience gasping and clenching my Addi Turbos, muttering about ten long years in the desert of Superwash Merino.  You'd think there would be some sort of ceremony or closure to the event, but usually I just cast off and think "hmph, that was boring and tedious, oh well, now I can block it, whee!"


I knit this one out of Cascade 220 superwash from Deep Stash for my friend Derek (the story is here) and used two full skeins.  I just kept on knitting it forever and ever, until I had about a yard of yarn left and figured I should bind off.  And man, this sucker is long.  Probably a good 7 feet long, which I can't measure because my measuring tape doesn't go that high.  Luckily, I seem to remember somewhere in my yarn-addled brain that Derek likes his scarves long.  Yeah - I planned that.


I also got lucky with the timing of this project (and/or have fabulous time management skills, depending on how self-impressed I'm being): the scarf dried with just enough time to photograph it before handing it off to Derek this weekend.

Pattern: Blake Scarf (my own)
Needles: Size 8 (5.0 mm) US Addi Turbos - the regular kind!
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in colorway 1950, 2 skeins
Yardage: all 440 yards, yeah!
Mods: I didn't knit the number of repeats I specified in the pattern, I just knit until my yarn was gone.  I also used a smaller needle, because no matter what the knitting powers that be tell me, Cascade 220 is DK-weight in a worsted-weight sheep's clothing.

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Very Pashmina said...

Hi Cory,

I love the pattern on the scarf... though I haven't seen too many guys wearing infinity scarves, someone always has to be first I guess :)