Friday, February 10, 2012

Maybe a WIP: Serab


I cast on for Serab in some Sundara Sock last Thursday night in preparation for a trip to Ellensburg to visit one of my friends at school, since socks make great travel knitting.  Things did not go quite as planned, though: I knit about an inch and a half of sock and got stuck.  More and more often, I cast on for a sock and it fits, but it doesn't fit quite well enough, and that's what happened here.  So I don't want to continue knitting just to find that the sock is way too big, but I also don't want to rip it out quite yet.  It's a conundrum.


It fits over tights with room to spare, but I usually only wear socks over tights when it's really cold.  I'm not sure if it's so big that it will fall down, but it definitely doesn't have that lovely blocked-by-the-foot look that happens when a sock has just the right amount of negative ease.  I'm not the biggest fan of the way the yarn is pooling at this stitch count, either - I didn't think it was possible for a semisolid to pool, but it has, in little patches of lighter blue on the deep blue.  The yarn itself is lovely to work with, though, and I'm sad that this particular yarn base isn't currently available through Sundara's website.

I'm sure that a few weeks will bring me some clarity on whether to keep going or rip this sucker out.  In the meantime, I'm probably going to keep on trying it on, wrinkling my nose, knitting a few rows, rinsing and repeating.


Anonymous said...

Maybe for a pair of oversized, slouchy socks?

Dawn said...

What I usually do is go down a needle size and then another if it's still not working. I hate to rip ;)