Thursday, February 2, 2012

WIP: Harbour Lights


I've been plugging away a little slowly at Harbour Lights, a shawl I started at the beginning of the month.  The beading starts to make my head explode after a little while, which is why I have been unceremoniously dumping this project to work on fun, easy projects like a basketweave scarf for a friend.  Every time I start working on it, though, I think of Parks and Recreation, since we zoomed through the entire series when I first started knitting this project - not a bad association to have!


And, in spite of the tediousness of beading, this much can be said in its defense: it's damn pretty.  Although the yarn and the beads were bought two years apart from each other and I bought the beads without matching the two at all, they're perfect together: yarn the color of polished silver, or thunderclouds, or a dolphin's back.  Beads that glow green or violet depending on the light.

I have no idea where I'll wear this shawl.


So it's sitting in its basket unloved.  One of these days we'll start watching another show and I'll pick it up and grab my little soy-sauce dish and fill it full of beads, and away we'll go, but for now I'm hoping that taking pictures of it will inspire me to keep going.  The edging is knit in an ingenious way - after the body is finished, you cast on 20 stitches and start the pattern, then the hundreds of live stitches of the body are slowly eaten by the edging using decreases, which means no super long awful bind-off - but it is so, so repetitive and the beads are fiddly and I'm really just trying to say that that's why I'm knitting a green basketweave scarf out of plain superwash wool even though I like cashmere way more.


But hey, at least that edging's a quarter done, huh?


Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered a 'shop my closet' section for items of clothing that you no longer want to keep? Or an etsy store for your knitting stuff that didn't come out quite as hoped?

Cory Ellen Boberg said...

I think that's a great idea, I'll definitely look into it!

Anonymous said...

I seriously have such a hard time looking at all you knit!!!! I am eternally jealous of what you make! Someday I want to be like you...