Thursday, February 16, 2012

Outfit Post: Combat Boots and Revamped Flannel

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Yesterday I went to school for the first time this week, as Monday and Tuesday were spent napping hard to fight off a cold.  I was still feeling sick Wednesday morning, but still a million times better than earlier in the week.  Let it be stated for the record, however, that photo shoots while sick are a difficult thing, because in every other shot, I am making the same glazed-over "why am I not napping right now" face.

As part of my general attempts to dress nicer than a t-shirt and jeans, I threw on these dark purple skinny jeans, a blouse, and this vest made from a flannel shirt that I bought when I was probably fifteen.  I think it was $90, which seemed such an absurd amount of money to me at the time, but I coveted it, so I bought it.  It's now been in my closet for almost a decade, so I'd say that it has good staying power.


I stole Lumberjack's military-style knit cardigan, laced up my combat boots, and snuffled my way through class.  I cut out the pieces of a camp shirt from muslin that inexplicably had a little piece of dirt (worm carcass? mothwing? let's call it dirt.) woven into the actual fabric.  Gross.  I managed to cut around it, though, and returned home triumphant to eat a sandwich and take another nap.

Betcha weren't expecting that ending.

Skinny Purple Jeans: dl1961 Emma leggings
Blouse: (not shown) Topin
Flannel Vest: Super Lucky Cat
Black Military Cardigan: No Excess
Combat Boots: J Shoes Cadet

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