Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mackie McMackerson, Esq.

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Either my allergies are really acting up or I'm getting a cold, so here's a rattie interlude for today.

Mackie is quite the busy little person these days!  I've been having him out several times a day on our bed or just out for a quick snuggle with my elbows (he prefers to hang out my forearm with his nose in my elbow), and if it were even possible, he's started to chill out even more.

His favorite pastimes while out:

1.  Trying to eat my engagement ring.  Which is made of diamond.
2.  Bouncing.  When he's excited, it's like he has a rocket pack strapped to his butt.
3.  Hanging out on my shoulder and wrapping his tail around my face for balance.
4.  Licking my face in hopes that I have saved some lunch for him.
5.  Licking my forearms.  I have no idea why.
6.  Hiding under pillows.
7.  Headbutting pillows to get out from under them.
8.  Running across my computer keyboard.
9.  Tunneling around under the bedspread.
10.  Nibbling things, deciding that they're not delicious enough, and bouncing away.

Gosh, it's tough to be a rat.


Anonymous said...

We could have endless conversations about our rats and their wonderful personalities! My little Starling used to love yogurt, sleep under the covers in my bed all day long, and loved to snuggle under my chin. Seriously, I could go on for HOURS.

ZanneQ said...

Pets are awesome. Really. Just awesome.