Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two Skirts

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I'm back from LA, and how!  My mom and I went to two different fabric shops last Friday - one a wholesaler, and other the famous Mood - and came back with a whole lot of fabric for my line.  The two above were some cuts that we got from the wholesaler.  We spent two or three hours looking around their warehouse and trying out different color combinations, and it was there that my looks started to really come together, which was pretty awesome.

The left combination is for a skirt with a turquoise underlayer and a stretch lace overlay.  I really wanted to play with the idea of layering texture or pattern over a color, and I decided that turquoise would be a great contrast.  I love the unusual pattern of the lace - it reminds me of umbrellas or chrysanthemums.  There wasn't quite enough of the turquoise fabric (a gorgeous crepe de chine) for the skirt, and we ended up getting a similar color of silk charmeuse at Mood.  I'm hoping there's enough of the smaller cut to make a little camisole, because the color is amazing.

The second combination is a very drapey cream silk crepe and an eyelet pattern on peach silk georgette.  This skirt is going to have cream for the body of the skirt and the eyelet draped diagonally across.

And if it seems like these don't go with my original storyboard ideas, it's because they don't!  I have ended up revising and changing my inspiration for my storyboard and line.  I really wanted to go with the '70s/flight attendant inspiration, but I kept on getting stuck.  In the end, I decided to go the direction that I was resisting because it's what I always want to do: feminine and frilly, with a touch of Japanese inspiration.  I'm much more excited about my line now, and getting fabric has just made it more real!

Hope everybody had a great weekend - I did get a bunch of knitting done during my trip, so I'll have some WIP photos to share in the next few days.

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ZanneQ said...

The fabrics are lovely and the concept sounds so exciting! Can't wait to see the end result!