Monday, August 27, 2012

Outfit: Girly Menswear

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Last Friday I felt like dressing up a bit, so I grabbed these wool slacks from my closet and took them out for their first wearing.  (Yep, this is Seattle in August - cool enough to wear wool pants!)  I got them when I went out thrifting with my friend Sparkle during my visit to Oberlin in April, and hadn't gotten a chance to wear them yet.  They're fully lined, and although the plaid makes them read a little like pajamas, I'm not sure I mind.  Plus, they were $7 - oh, how I miss Ohio thrift store prices!

I've probably already talked about this sweater, but in case I haven't - I found it almost a year ago while thrifting and immediately thought of the Schiaparelli trompe l'oeil bow sweater that made her famous.  Actually, the pattern for the original sweater is available through Schoolhouse Press here.

I wanted to go for a mixture of of menswear and feminine elements here, which was easier than I expected - the slacks and oxfords read pretty masculine, but the belt, bow sweater and the pink in the oxfords added some girliness.  I can't quite pull off the androgynous look with my figure, but it's still fun to play with masculine elements!

Schiaparelli-Style Bow Sweater: Banana Republic, thrifted
High-waisted Plaid Wool Pants: Savannah, thrifted
White Double Belt: Daisy boutique in Issaquah, several years ago
Colorblocked Oxfords: Fluevog Amandas

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sparkle said...

I so remember you trying those pants on and being astounded at the awesome find. Yes, fully lined! They look awesome on you-probably cost way more to dry clean them than the thrifted price! You can always come back and thrift you know? And Bead Paradise still has lots of neat items.....sometimes the ladies in there ask how you are doing and to say "howdy". It's been ages since I found anything classic and wooley like that anywhere. The hipsters here beat me to anything Woolrich or Pendleton. LOVE the classic small pleat LONG skirts from pendleton.......And those do NOT look like jammies. They are just the right size/fit for a classy dame liken Hepburne to stroll around town.........great touch with the oxfords-sparkle