Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sick Day WIP: Spruce Forest

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So tomorrow afternoon, my whole family is going to southern California to visit my grandma.  Unfortunately, by around 9 pm last night, it was pretty clear that my mystery allergy symptoms were in fact a cold.  So I skipped school this morning, slept in and have been pounding water and Gatorade in hopes that it will shorten the illness as much as possible.  In any case, because of the trip I will likely be taking a blog break for the rest of this week and Monday of next week.

My main work in progress right now is a gift and I didn't want to get my germy hands on it, so I cast on for a new project - Nancy Bush's Spruce Forest shawl from Brooklyn Tweed Wool People Volume 2.  (My review of Volume 2 is here, and lo and behold, Spruce Forest is in my favorites!  Shocking, I know.)  I'm using Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the colorway Postcard from my stash, and so far I'm in love.  

I did have a bit of trouble winding the yarn - it was a little tangled in the center, and because Loft is so delicate, I didn't want to pull too hard on it and break it.  Luckily, after about 20 minutes of gentle prodding and some help from Lumberjack, I was able to get it wound safely and without any breakage.  And it was worth it, because this yarn is wonderfully wooly and plump.  The color is a pink-tinged beige, a very strange color but sort of fascinating to work with.  And oh, how beautifully it nupps - they're like teeny little berries made of wool!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and with any luck, next week I'll be recovered and have lots of shawl progress to share!


ZanneQ said...

Hope the rest and Gatorade work for you and feel better right quick!

kate said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'm just getting over being sick too.

Isn't Loft wonderful? Both it and Shelter are on my list of favorite yarns of all time.