Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yarn Swap

IMGP4601 IMGP4616

1.  Shilsdair Aran, unknown colorway  2.  Schaefer Yarn Company Audrey, colorway Gloria Steinem.

IMGP4612 IMGP4609

3.  Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna, colorway In Dreams  4.  Wolf Creek Wools Superwash BFL, colorway Freesia

A few weeks ago, one of my knitting groups had a stash swap, which is both dangerous and awesome.  Dangerous, because there's a more than zero chance that you will leave the same amount of yarn you brought - or possibly even more.  Awesome, because you can trade or sell yarn that you're not super excited about to someone else who really likes it.

The verdict?  I left with 8 fewer skeins of old yarn, and 7 more skeins of new-to-me yarn.  Not too bad - but didn't exactly make the stash smaller.... hahah.


The five skeins above were either bought or traded, but these two skeins are a little special - a friend in the group had seen on the blog that I love pink and laceweight yarn, and gave me these two skeins of gorgeous pink Knit Picks merino laceweight from her stash.  It was super sweet of her!  I will have to find an appropriately awesome shawl to make out of it.

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