Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Outfit: Fitted Dress and Heels

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I bought this amazing early-sixties dress several months ago at Doubletake Vintage & Consignment in Issaquah, and it sat in my closet unloved since then.  Why?  Because it's one of those dresses that juuuuust barely fits - you know, the kind of dress that looks great when you're standing, but is just a smidge too tight if you try to sit, or eat, or breathe.

But rather, it did just barely fit - a combination of food allergies and a general desire to eat healthier has made me pay more attention to what I'm eating, and I'm slightly smaller as a result.  This morning, I figured I'd give it a shot, and it zipped up just fine!

And the dress?  Boy, I love this thing.  Fitted dolman sleeves, waist seam with tucks for a nipped-in waist and fullness in the hip, bodice detail for a bit of interest, retro length, fabulous color and floral print... I think I might have to duplicate it, because it's everything I want in a dress, ever.  All I had to do was add some pumps and I felt like a rockstar.

And yes, the hand-turnip I'm making in the last photo is supposed to be a heart.  Oh well.  I guess I turnip this dress, then!

Fitted purple floral sixties dress: Vintage
Pale blue pumps: Fluevog Brevas (no longer available)
Earrings: Super old

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