Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Giveaway!


Today is my 23rd birthday, which I think merits a present - to you!


Here we have two skeins of Shibui Sock in the colorway Wasabi.  It's a beautiful, tightly twisted sock yarn with a lovely tonal variation; perfect for socks, baby projects, or a hat.  I made a pair of socks out of Shibui sock almost two years ago, and they're still beautiful.  They're safe to wash in the washing machine on delicate/cold.  They do felt a little if you put them in the dryer, so I'd recommend air-drying flat. 


Want to enter to win these puppies?

Leave a comment on this entry answering these three questions by the end of next Thursday, April 21st:

1)  What's your favorite indie.knits post?
2)  Is there anything you'd like to see more of?  More fashion?  More yarn?
3)  If you could be a dessert, what would you be?

I'll use a random number generator to pick the results and announce them next Friday.

ETA: Oops - please also leave your email address so I can contact you, in the form of: example at gmail dot com!  But, y'know, without the exclamation mark.

Good luck!


Travis McGuire said...

Hey girl :)
My favorite post was the one from Japan where you talked about losing Miralda. I just remember really enjoying that one - in fact I think I'm going to look through the archive and find it!
I would love to see more yarn! I really really need more inspiration on an almost daily basis until I get back into my knitting groove.
And I'd definitely be strawberry shortcake ;)

Travis McGuire said...

That was from Rachel McKinney, I didn't realize my adorable fiance was signed in.
When I win my Shibui, you can e-mail me at my regular address, fb me, or gimme in person :D lol Love you Cory!

Elizabeth M. said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Ahhh Miralda! Nothing more to say :)
I'd love to see lots and lots more of your favorite yarns about which I will read and enjoy with a hot fudge sundae!
Sorry not to put my email address in have it...

Liz (hopeful winner of yummy sock yarn)

Emily said...

Happy birthday lady!

1. My favorite is your finished Narnia coat. That is a truly amazing piece. I've shown it to fiber-loving friends of mine, and everyone has pretty much died over it.

2. I don't really feel like anything is lacking here- but more of everything please!

3. Creme brulee.

fecknom said...

С днем рождения, Корюшенка!

1. I like "Three days in Japan, outfit edition". Probably cause it's full of so many words and pictures of you at public transit stations. I like trains.

2. You write really well. The photos are good, but I like reading your writing and getting snippets of the inner workings of your brain.

3. Oh! Cannoli, defs.

And you knows mah email. But really, if I win, you should draw again. I have no more sock mojo and enough yarn to occupy my moving-to-Russia self. I just wanted to answer your questions.


Cindy Stewart said...

Hi Cory,

My favorite post is "blocking and watching." It gives me motivation to finally finish my own Swallowtail.

I like the mix of yarn and fashion, but would love more photos of before/after blocking shawls (or any lace project).

I think I'd be a popsicle, maybe grape flavor. Does that count as dessert?

My email is cindystewart68 at gmail dot com

Ondrea said...

1. From recent memory, because it was very Cory and had a bit more text.

2. I second Ethan's comment. Also, tutorials and "what is this yarn good for" because you know are very good at seeing a skein of yarn and making a lovely FO in a pattern I wouldn't have thought to pick. Maybe this is something as simple as linking a Stash Appreciation to the FO post.

3. Chocolate, since I am what I eat!

If I win the drawing, the yarn must come with your feet measurements and a pattern you like so I can give back some birthday socks. :)

ikkinlala said...

Happy (belated) birthday!

I found your Blocking and watching post inspiring - I'm scared to use my skein of Sea Silk.

I read more for the yarn than for the fashion.

If I could be a dessert I'd be fruit pizza - tasty, fun, and even sort of healthy (at least with my recipe).

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Becky Boberg said...

Hey Sweetie!

My favorite post: Kyoto. Felt like I was there with you on another yarn crawl.

I love the pictures whether it's a shot of yarn & coffee, a landscape, or a fab outfit.

I'd be the summer's first strawberry straight from the garden.


Angel said...

I loved all your Japan posts, but my favorite might have been with my fave picture-- the one with the kitty with the leaf on his wee kitty head!

As for posts- I loved your posts- but i would like to see more yarn!

I would be a slice of fresh strawberry pie. Mmm Mmm!