Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP: Lilac Leaf 2.0


I started my second Lilac Leaf Shawl on Saturday night, and very responsibly cast off Miralda before jumping in full-speed.  Last night I took a little break to work on Akimbo, but made quite a bit of progress before doing so.  I've gotten a lot done since taking the above photo.


There's nothing quite like the crumpled majesty of lace before blocking.  It looks like a moonscape.


Anonymous said...

Lovely colour&good luck
Follow us and we'll follow back

Frances Marie Visintainer said...

Good lord, Cory. This is gorgeous.

I wanna knit like you. :(

Desirae said...

So pretty!

Cory Ellen said...

@EMMAYAMMA Thanks for the comment! I love all your fabric prints. :)

@Franny & Desirae Thank you!