Friday, March 16, 2012

Not-So-Still Life With Rat


I've been stalking my local Humane Society's webpage for weeks, waiting for the day that they would have a rat or two up for adoption.  A few months ago I put a shoebox in the backseat of the car and made sure the deluxe apartment cage was clean and ready for some rats to come home with me, but alas, it was not in the cards.  Ever since then I've been keeping my eyes out for a little boy rat or two who could come live with us.

And two days ago, lo and behold!  There were not one or two, but three rats at the Humane Society!


I went to check them out yesterday and came home with this little guy - I do wish he had a cagemate to keep him company, but it can be really difficult to introduce male rats to each other as adults, since he and the other two rats were all in separate cages.

Lumberjack and I have named him MacGyver, since we've been watching old episodes on Netflix.  Mac was super bouncy and inquisitive in his cage at the shelter, but he was very polite when I held him.  Right after I brought him home, I tore off a small piece of sharp cheddar cheese to share, and he sniffed it before gently taking it from me.

Om nom nom, indeed, little guy.


He is, however, a holy terror to photograph.


sparkle said...

ah, he is sweet looking, but I don't think hewould get along too well with my cougars.....hey, elaine says you are supposed to send her a pattern? Dunno-just passing it along. Can't wait till you get here-been in 70s all week. very wierd......kathie

Cory Ellen Boberg said...

I wonder which would be the dominant one in a cougar/MacGyver face-off. Sometimes rats are super bossy, which is sort of hilarious.
Ooh, yay, warm weather! I did the edits on the pattern last week and will be sending it out hopefully tomorrow afternoon.