Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stash Appreciation: Katia Gatsby


I'm not really a glittery kind of girl, so I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to add this yarn, Katia Gatsby, to my stash several years ago - probably at least partially that it was red!  But there's still something about it that I can't shake.  It's a classy sort of glitter, perfect as an accessory to go over a little black dress or to spice up a t-shirt and jeans.  I've been looking around Ravelry for some inspiration, but so far have come up empty.


I have about 500 yards of it, and it's about a sportweight.  I have a very specific idea of the feel I want the finished garment to have, but I have noooooo idea what that means in terms of design.  It's a rayon/nylon/metallic blend, so I think it will have quite a bit of drape, and it's super slinky - it doesn't even want to stay in the ball.

I have to start sketching for a black dress to make for school; maybe I'll design a cute little capelet or shrug to go along with it!  Oh sparkly yarn, you perplex and delight me so.

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