Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pattern Review: Brooklyn Tweed Spring Thaw

It feels like only yesterday that I was reviewing the last Brookyn Tweed collection, and here's another one already!

As you may remember, I loved the last collection to come out of the Brooklyn Tweed factory, and this new collection, called Spring Thaw and featuring both worsted-weight Shelter and fingering-to-sport chameleon Loft, really knocked it out of the park.  Where Wool People Volume 2 delivered on the garments, Spring Thaw is chock full of small, beautiful accessories that capture that trademark rustic-yet-romantic feel of Brooklyn Tweed.

Although I love all of Brooklyn Tweed's pattern support in general, this is the first collection that made me gasp, sigh, and deeply covet certain pieces with a passion usually reserved for Alexander McQueen gowns and hand-dyed cashmere.

Here's some favorites:

Barrington Vest by Jared Flood

I want this vest in my closet.  Right.  Now.  I love the soft, feminine shaping and the eye-catching panel down the front.  Ror some reason the shaping suggests Regency-period high-waisted gowns to me, maybe because of the styling with the pale chemise-like dress.  Either way, I like it.  I even love the colorway exactly as is.

Convoy by Jared Flood

I've been drawn to cozy cowls and sweaters lately, and this one certainly fits the bill.  I love the squishy-looking fabric and casual style, and it looks like it would look great all looped and cozy underneath a warm winter jacket.  I know this collection is for spring, but I would wear this cowl all winter long, too.

Kildare by Michele Wang

Another great cowl, this time with a little bit of interest in cables.  It seems like a great way to incorporate cables into a look without going full-aran; although I've knit an aran sweater and love it, it sometimes feels awfully bulky and literal to wear very often.  This cowl is a sweet taste of the traditional on a modern shape, and could be knit in any number of great colors.

Quill by Jared Flood

Okay, here's where I gasped.  Something about the striped version of this shawl is very compelling - I think the layered transition of those amazing heathered colors really did it for me.  Again, there's a nod to tradition - this shawl is pretty clearly modelled after Shetland Hap shawls - but the combination of neutrals in the lace pattern and thick, rich garter stitch makes me swoon.  It looks like a big, stylish blanket you could wear while walking around the city, and no one would even look at you funny.

Ravensfoot by Leila Raabe

I love me a slouchy hat, and this is a very good one.  I think this hat would look great in a variety of different yarns, particularly hand-dyes like Hazel Knits, Madelinetosh and Anzula.  Although the little bird's foot motif looks great in the textured gorgeousness of Loft, I think it's equally suited to smoother, more luminous yarns.

Overall, a great collection with patterns that could be knit from the Brooklyn Tweed yarns or any number of other lovely yarns on the market right now.  I'll definitely be picking up a few of these patterns in print the next time I get out to a shop that supports the Brooklyn Tweed line, and maybe a few as PDFs before then!

All photos copyright Jared Flood.

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Jitters said...

I would knit all of these. Especially the vest!! And "quill" but I think most of it for me is the colors. They're so lovely and neutral.