Friday, March 9, 2012

WIP: Onda Cowl


Yesterday I was browsing Ravelry and saw an advertisement for an adorable - and free! - little cowl pattern called the Onda Cowl, which uses one skein of Manos Del Uruguay Wool Clasica.  Wool Clasica was one of the first nice yarns I was introduced to as a new knitter, and I've always thought that it was particularly special: thick-thin, hand-dyed, with a fluffy, slightly rustic hand.  It makes an interesting textured fabric and I love the colors it comes in.


I only have about three balls of it in my stash - this one is from a friend's destash, and it doesn't have any tags but I'm pretty sure it's Manos.  I think the color is either Thistle or Heather, and it was the first yarn I thought of when I saw the cowl.  I had the right needles, so I cast on right away.  The pattern is simple but very cute, and has been going lightning fast.  I'm hoping to have a finished cowl by next week, and another project knit up from stash yarn - hooray!

Happy Friday!

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