Thursday, March 8, 2012

Outfit Post: Kyoto Blondie

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I have a special place in my heart for this t-shirt.  It's a Marc Jacobs thermal I picked up at a school festival flea market in Japan for 500 yen, and I wore it a lot: as a layer over my pajamas in my host family's cold upstairs room, to school in the fall with jeans and a skinny belt, or to dinner in Hirakata with a wool skirt, tights, sweater, and coat as the weather got colder.  I haven't worn it as much since getting home, but every so often I think of it and have to go rummaging through my t-shirt drawer so I can wear it.

Yesterday I was just going to wear jeans, then I remembered that I had sloper class, which means fittings. My teacher likes us to wear tights to mark the natural waist when she's doing fittings, so that of course means a skirt.  And, without really realizing it, I put on an outfit bought almost entirely during my time in Japan: bow skirt, thermal, and little yellow kimono earrings I bought in Kyoto the first month I was there.  The only things I didn't get there were the tights and goldenrod Fluevogs.

Kimono Earrings

I've been thinking about a few different fashion-related housekeeping projects in my near future: sorting all of my earrings and getting rid of ones I don't wear anymore, going through my closet and giving away clothes that I don't love, and making a list of items I love and want to wear constantly so that I can make some of my own with different colors, prints, and details.  Like a turquoise version of this skirt - yes please!

Just another few things to add to the massive list of stuff I want to get done.

Blondie screenprinted thermal: Marc Jacobs, thrifted
Magenta bow skirt: Japanese brand Mew
Yellow kimono earrings: random shop in Gion
Goldenrod shoes: Fluevog Operetta Viardots
Sweater tights: Hue

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Jitters said...

OMG! I WANT YOUR SHOES!! *drools* Seriously, I need to take you with me when I shop.