Monday, May 21, 2012

Seattle Yarn Tour Haul

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This last weekend was the Puget Sound Local Yarn Store Tour.  I hadn't been expecting to participate, but I did end up going to about six shops - less than a third of the shops participating! - but a pretty epic number nonetheless.  I went to a few on my own, and hit three on Sunday with Lumberjack's mom.

And what of the yarn?  From the top, there's Abstract Fiber Alto in Turquoise, Tosh Merino DK in Sugar Plum, Malabrigo Finito in Plomo, and Prism Delicato in Plum Crazy.  As usual, I've mostly adhered to my normal color palate.  I did expand my usual tastes in weight, however; only half of them are fingering or laceweight!  Usually I pass over heavier weights, but lately I've been trying to build that part of my stash, which is pretty small.


I also tried to use the opportunity of seeing all these different shops to get a few yarns that I had been curious about.  I saw Finito in Knit Purl's newsletter and wanted to find out if it really was as soft as cashmere.  And after squishing this yarn extensively, I can say that yes, it is.


I was also really excited to find Delicato, a laceweight Tencel yarn that I saw for the first time about a year ago.  I was enamored of the incredible softness and heft of this yarn.  It was a last-minute discovery in the last shop of the day on Sunday, and as soon as I saw this deep iris color I was in love.  Usually I prefer animal fibers over plant-based ones, so I'm always pleasantly surprised when I find a plant-based yarn that I love.  I'm curious to see how it knits up!

I think after this it's time to revert to stashbusting/yarn dieting mode - the last few weeks have been a bit of a splurge!  Time to buckle down and shop the stash.

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