Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WIP: Unfucking Our Apartment

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There hasn't been much knitting around here as of late, and the main reason is the apartment.  Our old place was probably half again as big as the new apartment, so it's been challenging to fit all of our stuff into a much smaller space.  In some ways, it's fun, like a puzzle!  And in other ways, it's just epically frustrating.

Luckily, I recently stumbled upon a Tumblr called Unfuck Your Habitat, and it's sort of revolutionary.  I have definite perfectionist leanings, and I hadn't really ever thought of that as being a deterrent to cleaning.  But if the options are a) do it perfectly, or b) don't do it at all, that doesn't leave any room for little bits of progress.  This explains a lot about my cleaning habits - I go on big CLEAN ALL THE THINGS spurts every few weeks to a month, depending on how antsy I'm feeling.

So I've been trying to do cleaning in shorter increments with lots of breaks, and to appreciate the little things that do get done.  So even though the kitchen is a relative disaster, my coffee pot is sparkling clean - dude, apparently hot water and vinegar and a good scrubbing is magic.


One of my biggest priorities has been to have a nice living room, and I finally finished tackling the coffee table/couch area today.  I like that the little IKEA bookshelf has both Legos and yarn on it - it definitely reflects both Lumberjack's and my personalities!

There's still a long ways to go, but I'm trying to get a little done every day, and hopefully we'll actually be moved in and comfortable in the next month or so.  The day that happens can't come soon enough.

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kate said...

I am very minimalist. Aside from furniture I have books, yarn, clothes, and not much else. My husband has much more stuff, and my kiddo would keep every scrap of everything he finds on the side of the road if we let him. Organization, and keeping things tidy, is haaaard.