Monday, May 14, 2012

Outfit Post: Seasilk Pirate (with Rat Companion)

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First outfit post on my new porch!  Hooray!  It has a few light issues, but the brown stucco isn't a bad neutral.  And the new apartment has a lot more light than the old one in general - very good for working in my studio and very pleasant to hang out in.  We finally got most everything moved last Wednesday, and the days since then have been spent unpacking and putting together furniture.  I gave myself a gigantic bruise on my wrist putting together my big IKEA yarn-shelf and we have about two bowls in our cabinets, but it's finally feeling like ours.

Saturday was the first day that I was really able to dig into my closet and wear something fun.  I've been finding this little striped dress surprisingly versatile for being so unusual - I already wore it like this a while back, and I find it fun to layer with both simple cardigans and flats or crazier tops and funky shoes.  Plus, it's super comfy, which is a huge bonus.


You probably noticed that I have a little helper!  Mackie has been settling in very nicely, both as a pet and in the new place.  He's a lot sweeter and more trusting than he was when we first adopted him.  He's also amassed a large number of nicknames, as always happens with pets in my family.  He goes by Mac, Mackie, Macaboo, Boodle, Lovey, Cracker Mac... the list goes on.  Poor guy.

Striped tank dress: Lee Andersen
Coral cutout flats: Fluevog Danielles
Black leather bow belt: Nordstrom's
Earrings: Randoms from a department store in Tokyo about 8 years ago
Shawl: Flower Basket Shawl by Evelyn Clark, knit in Handmaiden Seasilk

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