Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stash Love: Tosh Merino Light Nectar

IMGP2942 IMGP2950

What's that you say?  More Tosh Merino Light?  Why yes, don't mind if I do!

I went to visit my new local yarn shop on Monday and took this skein home with me.  I can't seem to get enough of Tosh pinks and purples, especially when they are as sweetly vintage and lovely as this one, a colorway called Nectar.

On a related note, every so often I get a little reminder of why I love the yarn community so much.  Monday I walked down to my new yarn shop, The Tea Cozy in Ballard, and sat and chatted and knit with the owner for over an hour.  I walked home with this Tosh and a smile.

To explain:

Most of the time I feel like a very socially awkward little penguin.  I love people, but I often have no idea how to start a conversation, much less a friendship, and that can be frustrating.  But for some reason, I don't have that problem with knitters.  I could go knit with a totally new group and start talking about my favorite color of Malabrigo sock yarn, and someone would tell me about a cool pattern that only takes one skein of it, and by the end of the night we'd all be making plans for the next week.  It's awesome.  So I was feeling like a social failboat, and then I went to the yarn store and had a great conversation and then my day was great, too.

The yarn's not half bad either.


sparkle said...

yeppers, you can always chat up a half way friendly group of "yarnbenders" and find a person who is interesting and fun. After all, if you love wonderful wooly substances you can't be that much of a jerk can you?

Hope you are all moved in-or have the essential stuff.....corkscrew, underwear and knitting needles....sparkle

Unknown said...

If you want to knit in Ballard the group I'm in is really open and small enough not to be intimidating. On ravelry we're We're actually knitting tomorrow night at the new Hot Cakes place opening up if you want to join us.

Cory Ellen Boberg said...

Thank you for the tip! I think I'll try to come tomorrow - that shop looks pretty amazing!