Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stash: Black Trillium Star

IMGP2758 IMGP2763

I can't explain what drew me to this skein of Black Trillium Merilon Sock.  Maybe it was the thought of the beautiful little Estonian scarf I saw in a Madelinetosh variegated colorway of green, pink, and yellow on Ravelry.  Or maybe it just seemed like it captured my mood so well - a little muddled, mostly hopeful.  A colorway called Star.

Moving is hard.  Lumberjack and I have talked at length about what it means to leave our apartment.  When we first moved here, we talked about staying for years: the apartment is clean, cool in the summer, a pool only a hundred feet away from our front door.  The conclusion we keep on settling on is that it's the right time to move, and the right place to move to.  But I think that after five years of moving two or three times a year (and sometimes across or between countries), I moved in here and put down roots.

I like the little ground squirrels that chatter at me in the morning when I'm defrosting my car and the brown rabbits that come out when the weather gets warm.  I like my back patio.  I wasn't expecting to move away so soon.

So the other day we went to get keys to the new apartment and the maintenance man was late and my brain started running around like a spooked rabbit like what if this isn't the right place?  And I had to go home and take a very, very long nap.  (Let me note that this is also because my face went on strike earlier this week from of all the pollen in the air.  This was not mere laziness but Epic Brainfail.)

And then yesterday morning I took a box of clothes over to the new apartment.  They swept the floors and cleaned up the spilled paint since I was last there.  The sun lit up the whole place and a breeze came in through an open window.  I hung up my blouses.  I started to feel better.

I think this move is a metaphor for my whole freaking life right now.  Maybe the yarn is too.


Shannon N. Hunter said...

Welcome to posting about feeeeeeeelings. Loved this post. Hang in there, girl. It's gonna be perfect!

Jitters said...

Moving has always been a hard thing for me to do too. Just remember that wherever you are... you're there and you're ok.