Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Handspun Love

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Dang.  Lately, I've been on a real handspun bender!  These are all handspun that I've gotten this year - the first two I just bought at Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle this last weekend.  I went with a new friend and a few of her friends, and we had a great time!  As usual, I am powerless to the handspun - I bought the first from Spincycle Yarns - 120 yards of BFL goodness in the colorway Wall Flower - and the second from another local spinner called Yarnarchy.  It doesn't have a tag, but the vendor said that it's 100 yards, the colorway was inspired by cherry blossoms, and I think it's either a BFL or some other specialty wool.

I don't know what is about handspun that I love so much - if it's the slightly rustic thick-and-thin quality, or the interesting fiber content, or the lovely colorways that occur when spinners use handpainted batts and/or play with the colors when they ply.  I also love getting handspun at events or while traveling, because it's so often unique to the particular area that you get it.  Someday, I figure I will get into spinning, but for now I'm content to support local spinners!

I'm pretty happy that I've been actually using my handspun stash, but right now I haven't figured out good patterns for these ones.  They're all so special that I want to find the right things to make with them!

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