Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wedding Shawl Swatch

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So a few weeks ago, I went to Serial Knitters to see their selection of Madelinetosh Prairie.  I had originally planned to buy 2 skeins of Prairie in the colorway Antler - a soft, warm white - for the shawl that my Eastside knitting group is graciously knitting for my wedding.  I'd already chosen the Evenstar pattern, and all I needed to do was get the yarn.

Which was a little harder than I had anticipated.  I checked every online shop and local yarn shop I could, but no one had two skeins of Antler.  So when I went to Serial Knitters, I was hoping to find a different white.

Instead, I walked out with two skeins of Prairie in the colorway Grenadine, a slightly variegated pink that has shades of warm and cool pink, pink-brown, and pale blue.  And even though it's different than what I had originally envisioned, it's very fitting that the shawl is going to be pink.  My friends who are knitting my shawl also really liked my color choice.


My friend knitted me up a swatch so I could take it with me to look at fabrics if I'm still going to go the make-my-own-dress route.  Last week I actually went and tried on wedding dresses with my mom, which was a strange but interesting experience.  I didn't want to shut down any of my options before even starting, so I decided that I am going to try on off-the-rack wedding dresses - even white ones! - and am willing to buy a dress if it's the right one.

If nothing else, going wedding dress shopping really solidified what I want in a wedding dress.  First off, most of the dresses I tried were really, really heavy.  Most of them had long trains and full, floor-length skirts.  Since the wedding is going to be in a cabin with a garden outside, I was really hoping to find a tea-length dress so that I can dance and hang out without changing my dress.  Although I found one shorter-length dress, most of the dresses I tried were giant ballgowns that, while stunning, didn't feel like me.  I did find one beautiful pink dress with a deep v in both the front and back, and little pink flowers embroidered along the neckline and waistband, but it had a super full, heavy skirt too.

Overall, it was an experience that encouraged my desire to make my dress.  I have a few very particular ideas of what I might want to design, so I'll probably start sketching them soon.

And whatever I choose, it had better go with my pink shawl!


Andi said...

I really like the pink. I think it will look beautiful with any dress because it's semisolid and won't have to match perfectly.

Jitters said...

Oh, to hear you talking about dresses is so exciting! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I can envision the pink short dress you were talking about... and it sounds very lovely. I can't wait to get my turn on your shawl too! SQUEE!

Unknown said...

I think that with look nice on any dress as that pink color itself it very beautiful I liked it very much.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that color - I have two skeins in my stash that will some day become a Shetland Shorty, and I think it would look gorgeous as a wedding shawl. Why wear a shawl that will blend into your dress?