Thursday, July 19, 2012

WIP: Ginger, with a Snag


Yesterday, I spent a few hours working on the Ginger wearable muslin.  Other than needing a good pressing, looks good, right?

IMGP4300 IMGP4301


So the story is, I finished sewing in the invisible zipper yesterday afternoon, and it was beautiful.  The waistband didn't quite match at the zipper, which I wasn't super happy about, but I could live with it.  I just kept repeating "two-dollar muslin, two-dollar-muslin" and everything seemed to work out pretty well.

And then, excited to see how it fit, I zipped myself up into the skirt.  It fit perfectly!  It hit just the right place on my waist!  Hooray, I am not totally hopeless as a seamstress!

Then I went and sewed up the back seam and tried it on again to see how the skirt hung when all the seams were sewn properly.  But as I was zipping it up again, it stuck a little bit.  I jiggled it and pulled it gently.... and it raced up, skipped a few teeth, and jammed.

So here I am alone in my apartment in the middle of a relatively warm day (for Seattle), wearing a scratchy wool skirt and starting to having a conniption fit because I keep on tugging the zipper and it doesn't budge and I've just spent two hours fighting with this stupid fabric that falls apart when you look at it sideways and dammit, you stupid fucking zipper.

After running around hyperventilating for a few minutes, I finally had a duh moment, grabbed my seam ripper, and pulled the zipper out of the seam.

And now, it lies on my sewing table, mocking me.  I have to buy another zipper, because this one's toast.  And right now, me and the skirt, we're not exactly on speaking terms.

I think this calls for a knitting break.

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Julie I. said...

It's exciting to hear your sewing progress! So sorry about the zipper... any of us who sew can probably tell a similar story. You may have been alone in the apartment, but you're not alone in the frustration of the experience. Keep your chin up and seam ripper handy ;)