Monday, July 30, 2012

Pattern Review: Fall 2012 Interweave Knitmags

So I got my Fall 2012 Interweave Knits in the mail the other day, and then moseyed over to Barnes and Noble to get a copy of the fall Knitscene.  I usually find something to love in both of these magazines - I've been getting IK since I was a very new knitter, and I have more than a little soft spot for their unique mixture of knitterly technique and classic style.  Knitscene, in contrast, has a younger audience, and often features garments that are more everyday-wearable and on-trend with fashion as well as fiber arts.  And whether or not I end up knitting something from each magazine, I love to have them around for inspiration - I'll often grab a back issue to page through right before I go to bed!

So, without further ado, here's my highlights from the fall Interweave knitmag offerings.

Interweave Knits Fall 2012

1.  Aran Sampler Cowl, by Ginevra Martin;  2.  Cornflower Cardigan, by Amanda Bell

3. Downton Pullover, by Amy Keefer;  4.  Traveler's Socks, by Stefanie Bold

Although I wasn't in love with everything in this issue, these four garments were huge stand-outs for me.  One of my knitting friends has a rule that in order to purchase a book or magazine, she has to love at least 3 items from it, and I find that it's a really helpful rule when deciding what publications get to take up my shelf space.

Pattern notes:

1.  I love that the Aran cowl has some technique and interest to it, but still manages to look fresh and stylish.  I think using unusual or traditional motifs as accents in an outfit rather than a full garment keeps the look contemporary, and I think this is a great example of that.

2.  I want to steal the entire outfit from the Cornflower cardigan wholesale.  It looks cozy, but still pretty, and I would probably live in it.  It also has the same traditional-in-small-doses feel of the cowl.

3.  The Downton pullover uses a Peter Pan collar in a sophisticated way, and I love the tiled pattern, the puffed sleeves and the cute button detail at the cuffs.  It's a great mixture of playful and grown-up.

4.  Last but not least, the socks!  I love a good sock offering, and the Traveler's sock is simple but interesting.  And I do have some Malabrigo Sock in my stash that still needs a pattern...!

 Knitscene Fall 2012

1.  Agnes Pullover, by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud;  2.  Perpetua Shawl, by Romi Hill

3.  Purslane Beret and Cowl, by Romi Hill;  4.  Sandra Sweater, by Odessa Reichel

Sometimes the styling in Knitscene skews a little kooky for my tastes, but this one hits all the right notes - fun and bright, with just a smidge of polish.  I really liked the direction they took the styling in the Ethereal editorial - washed out neutrals and an organic, sunlit backdrop - but wasn't in love with any of the garments.  Oh well - still some really good stuff here!

Pattern notes:

1.  I love the way they styled the Agnes pullover, and I think it would be a great fitted sweater staple in my wardrobe.  Usually red and green is a dangerously holiday-themed combination, but the bright, casual look of the plaid shirt somehow keeps it away from Christmas territory.

2.  The Perpetua shawl looks like a great way to use up a lone skein of sock yarn.  I like that it's got that circular shape, but is elongated enough to use as scarf.

3.  I love the flower shape of the top of the Purslane Beret, and I find that berets are the most wearable hat shape for me.  My only gripe is that it's hard to see what the cowl looks like in the magazine - and it's probably really pretty!

4.  The Sandra sweater looks like a sweet little sweater to wear with a high-waisted skirt, simple pumps, and an attitude.  The lace panel and puff sleeves are super adorable, and although I would probably leave off the contrasting stripe in the ribbing at the neckline and bottom hemline, I think this sweater would fit right in to my closet.

Hmm.  Thanks to these patterns, I might have some new knitting to start...

All images copyright of Interweave Press.


Anonymous said...

My vote would be to start with the Traveler's socks. Thanks for posting this, I had no idea it was already that time of year!

sparkle said...

traveler's socks are a must knit for me........

megan said...

Oh my goodnesss, I am gushing over the Agnes Pullover. I might have to go out and find a copy of this mag. Just for that sweater. <3