Friday, July 6, 2012

Stash: Handspun Merino/Cashmere

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As promised, here is the skein of handspun I got last weekend.  The company name is Jewel Fiber Design, and it's about 200 yards of an 80% merino, 20% cashmere blend in a colorway called Mermaid.  I don't have a particular pattern in mind, but I think it will end up as a cowl.  'Cause really, cashmere and my face are best friends, and I wouldn't want to keep them apart!

The little yarn shop we went to last Saturday was called Country Yarns, and it had a really good selection of handspun and local hand-dyed yarns, particularly Rain City yarns and fiber.  I think this yarn is locally spun - it wasn't even in Ravelry - and there were a lot of colors and bases of handspun to choose from, which I was pretty happy about.  It was also super nice to go out with Lumberjack and his mom as a little break in a long and emotionally tough day.


On a different topic... it's funny, lately I've been going on a major finishing/frogging spree.  Just like with school, I've been pulling stuff off the backburner to work on a little bit at a time - and it's surprising how often everything gets done at one time!  I've blocked two scarves, the body of a sweater, and three shawls in the last week.  I wove in the ends on a bunch of projects in the last two days.  I started working on a pair of plain socks that I started almost six months ago, and now both of the socks are past the heel turn.

For some reason, this stuff tends to go in cycles.  For a while I get really excited about yarn or clothes, and then that tapers off and I want to look through all the secret corners and baskets and hidey-holes where I keep the projects that need work or repair.  I expect that soon enough, I'll be back at producing tons of little shawls, but for right now I'm having a lot of fun finishing old things or making decisions that will help declutter my studio.

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