Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WIP: Ginger Wearable Muslin

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A few weeks ago, my school had a fabric sale, where I picked up some nice fabrics very inexpensively.  The yardage was pre-cut, and each bundle was $2, so I got four different bundles to supplement my extremely tiny fabric stash.  This red-brown fabric is a plain weave wool blend with a brushed right side - I'm not sure what type of fabric it is, but it's pretty similar in weight and drape to some wool suiting fabric I bought a few months back.

Ginger has been on my to-sew list for a while, as with practically every other Colette pattern that has been produced so far, and I figured that sewing up a wearable muslin in an inexpensive fabric would be a good way to practice and get the right fit for the skirt I'll be making out of the more expensive stuff.

The one problem?  This fabric seems like a pretty loose weave, so it falls apart at the cut edge.  To help stabilize it (and finish off the seams!) I've sewn up the seams with hem tape.  I was hoping to find some turquoise hem tape - I love me some contrasting linings/inner hem treatments! - but alas, Joann's only had this light blue.  It'll have to do, I guess.

Although I've sewn up a few things at school, this is the first project that I'm taking from start to finish at home.  I've heard that Colette patterns have a relatively curvy fit, so I'm hoping that a straight 10 should fit me right the first time.  Who knows how long it'll take me to bind all the seams, but I'm hoping that I'll finish this first skirt in the next week or so!

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Jitters said...

I LOVE it! Looks so professional with the tape!! And Im the same way, I see a fun bright contrasting lining on ANYTHING and Im tempted to snatch it up and bring it home with me!