Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pattern Review: Wool People Volume 2

When I jumped on the internet this morning before heading off to school, I saw that the new Brooklyn Tweed collection, Wool People Volume 2, had gone live!  It's another great collection with a little bit for everyone: colorwork mittens, hats, scarves, and plenty of sweaters.  There's even a men's sweater in there!

I love the direction that Brooklyn Tweed has taken his company, in using the best contemporary independent designers, allowing them to retain the rights to their patterns and receive fair compensation for their work.  I'm sure that his own work as a designer has influenced how he collaborates with others, and that mutual respect really shows.

Plus: gorgeous.  These are the real standouts for me:

Fuse by Veronik Avery

I'm not entirely sure how the construction works from these photos, but I'm intrigued.  I like the drape of the fabric and the almost cowl-like neckline combined with the asymmetrical fronts; it creates a relaxed silhouette that still feels just a little bit refined.  Classic Veronik Avery.

Kendrick by Ann McCauley

This stitch pattern really sings in Shelter.  I like how the row of circles at the waist suggests a peplum, and if I were to make this sweater I would have that motif hit a little higher to really highlight that hourglass shape.  It has a romantic feel to it that I love.

Lawrence by Melissa LaBarre

I didn't really notice this sweater at first glance, but it captured my eye when I was paging through the collection a second time.  This looks like a fantastic layering piece, the perfect slouchy sweater to wear over a t-shirt and jeans or a long-sleeved dress.  The front motif adds interest to the garter stitch, and the cowl neck keeps it warm and comfortable.

Spruce Forest by Nancy Bush

This shawl has three key attributes that automatically make it one of my favorites:
1.  It's by Nancy Bush.
2.  It's a triangular shawl that takes right around 800 yards.
3.  It has nupps.

I'm sold.

Overall, I love this collection.  Shelter and Loft are already beautiful, versatile yarns, and the pattern support offered through the Loft and Fall collections and the two volumes of Wool People shows great creative energy and momentum.  The only thing I'd really like to see in future volumes is Loft used single-weight in a sweater design - there was one sweater design (Ash by Amy Christoffers) that used Loft held doubled, but I'd love to see how it works up as a larger-gauge sweater fabric.  Although with the rate that these collections have been coming out, I'm sure it won't be long before my wish comes true.

All images copyright Brooklyn Tweed.

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Melissa @ Miso Crafty Knits said...

I'm super excited about this collection and was surprised to see the email in my inbox. The Fuse pattern definitely intrigues me and I know I'm a sucker for the drape it has. I think my favourite shawl would have to be the Winnowing one. I've definitely added that one to my queue as fast as I could!

I have yet to knit with either Shelter or Loft but am seriously DYING to. Have you seen this Raveler's Bayside Pullover? She uses a single strand of Loft and I think it loks gorgeous!